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Our partners’ work has for sole purpose to serve an audience with simple, useful and actionable knowledge. For active discussions on bitcoin and virtual currency related topics, there are several blogs, videos and message boards that are free. If you’re considering the Coinsultants, it’s because you want to learn something practical towards a particular goal that you have.


Information we share is peer reviewed.

  • Evaluations


    Product, company or service evaluations targeted to venture capitalists, angels, lenders or enthusiasts. All evaluations are graded depending on the strength of their commercialization process.

  • Product Guides

    Product Guides

    Clear and concise user guides on how to use a particular product from a partner's direct experience. We take the guess work out of the mix and allow you to hit the ground running.

  • Strategic Opportunities

    Strategic Opportunities

    Many would've liked to be told about opportunities in the early days of the internet. We expose the disruptive nature of the bitcoin and associated technologies to point you in the right direction.