The Coinsultants provides innovative business, technology and marketing solutions, with simplicity and professional excellence, to help build profitable businesses or improve business performance. Our clients range from seed funded start-ups to multi-million dollar established corporations and brands.


Bitcoin & Blockchain

Our firm architects, develops and consults on cutting-edge bitcoin, blockchain and crypto-currency projects. We also have access to one of the largest networks of bitcoin and blockchain professionals to assist in large scale or highly specialized projects.


Other Industries

We have assisted clients in the following industries: finance, customer loyalty and rewards, education, non-profit, liquor, international trade and import/export markets, title registries, music, oil and gas, recruitment, and retail.



Bitcoin & Blockchain Consulting, Business Architecture, Technology Architecture, Marketing, Design & Brand Management, Minimum Viable Product Development, Distributed Programming, Legal, Government, Regulatory, Compliance, Smart Contract Design.


The Coinsultants are here for you.


Since September 2014

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“Our partners are highly qualified to provide you with best in class services.”


– Adam Richard


We provide services to help you in the following disciplines

Technology Education

Our communication clarity helps your team understand how our disparate ideas to disrupt the familiar will impact the profitable growth of your company.

Marketing, Design and Positioning

Your brand separates you from the competition. Do so with confidence and your users will notice. We’re here to help you be the company you’ve dreamed of.

Legal, Government, Regulatory, Compliance

Navigating legal frameworks can be complicated and expensive. We keep your cost of compliance low so you don’t have to sweat or break the bank.

Start-up Structuring & Advising

We are serial entrepreneurs and find joy in helping others take a great idea down the road of success through business development and raising capital.

Minimum Viable Product Development

At The Coinsultants, we are build your dreams. Not all of us can be software developers, so we’re here to make them come true.

Information System Architecture

As your company grows you need efficient and comprehensive solutions to scale. We pride ourselves in architecting elegant solutions, and use the blockchain when beneficial.

Distributed Programming

Our clients in the digital currency industry have security concerns only paralleled by banks. We build fault-tolerant systems so you sleep at night.

Bitcoin Storage Security, Escrow & Brokering

Mt. Gox. Need I say more? No but seriously, just check out we’ve done for UTXO.

Source Code Auditing & Penetration Testing

Users are trusting your company to deliver on their expectations. Our auditing and testing ensures that vulnerabilities and exploits are secured.

Blockchain Data Layer Implementation

Digital record asset management is the next big thing and we’re building with it right now. If your data is subject to audits or you keep track of assets then this solution may be for you.

Trading Execution Optimization

Financial exchange users expect best-in-class performance. Our partners are well versed in how to streamline trading algorithms.

Smart Contract Design

With the emergence of Ethereum and Eris Industries we’ve been keeping ourselves busy writing smart contracts in Solidity for innovative clients.

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