Extract the DNA of your work

With bitcoin technology, it’s now possible to extract a unique DNA for every piece of digital content, whether it’s a pdf, word document, a video or a music file. This DNA is unique to the content, verifiable anywhere, incorruptible, and mathematically impossible to forge.



While each piece of content can be converted to a unique digital signature, it wasn’t previously possible to obtain universal, unalterable consensus as to when that piece of content was created. Thus, the sanctity of the content could easily be updated or violated by centralized record keepers. Because of this doubt in the system, it couldn’t be considered as true content DNA.


Welcome to the future and blockchain.


With bitcoin technology, we’re able to get a unique digital signature for content, obfuscate the actual content for privacy reasons and prove its authorship, the date it was created and its existence to the world beyond doubt for all ages.


Here’s the thing. Once, the DNA is obtained, you don’t need to rely on a third party to look into their databases to prove its existence. You can do so yourself at your convenience, anywhere.

I’m ready, what now?

  • Step 1, Contact The Coinsultants

    Step 1, Contact The Coinsultants

    Submit the form below and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

  • Step 2, Provide Content

    Step 2, Provide Content

    You provide us with the relevant content and pay the certification fee. We will do the work to get your content's DNA and go through all the required registrations.

  • Step 3, Get Certificate

    Step 3, Get Certificate

    The Coinsultants will send you the content's DNA certificate with all the relevant information. If you want, we can also keep a copy of the content you provided (not advised for confidential information).

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