The Founders

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James Duchenne, Partner

Bitcoin and virtual currencies feels right to me. It’s a space where all my previous experiences, education and belief intersects. Like Adam, I’m a starter, someone that thinks outside the box and one that does things to get the results. I’m the solutions finder and understand that businesses must be adaptive to survive. I live change.


My education background is in law, engineering and finance. I have started, operated, owned and sold several business ventures spanning the fields of logistics, recycling, carbon derivatives and rewards solutions. I have both failed and succeeded at building businesses but throughout my career, I have always valued my time and contributions to my clients.


The Coinsultants is a home I needed, I wanted. I only accept the best and therefore I’m the most critical of this business. Because of it, I’m proud to give a service that partners and clients can trust. Because I trust it.

Adam Richard, Partner

I am the co-founder of The Coinsultants, president of Texas Coinitiative (501(c)(3)), and CPO of LoveStamp. I have previously co-founded Metal Networks, Inc., I was an alumni of Surge Accelerator, and a 3-time winner at Rice University software start-up competitions. I have been a CTO, software project manager, start-up adviser/mentor, branding expert, web developer, UI & UX designer, graphic designer, photographer & cinematographer.


I enjoy studying integral theory, organization development, cryptography, IT security and decentralized computing applications.


I am passionate about being of service to people that want to get into the Bitcoin and virtual currency space by taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. I like Bitcoin because of the possibilities it offers.


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